2016 Sample Project

Hello friends!

I recently went through my entire makeup storage cube which had turned into a giant nightmare of old ipsy bags, backup products, and a ridiculous number of samples.


As a part of one of my 2016 goals, I’m going to try to use these samples all up, instead of just allowing them to pile up and collect dust. They range from drugstore to higher-end products, and it will be interesting to see what I like and could purchase a full-size version of, and what doesn’t work so well.

My overall goal with this project is to allow myself to hold off on purchasing new products until these are all used up! Below, I have 16 samples that I’m starting out this project with, and as I receive more from ipsy and birchbox, I will add them into my rotation. The samples I’m starting with nicely fell into three different categories: face, hair, and body/hands. A large number of my makeup samples were donated or tossed out (depending on if they had been used) during my declutter, which explains why there are no makeup products in this project. These are all products I know I will and can use on a daily basis.

I won’t go in-depth with on a description of each product, but I will provide a list below the pictures along with the full-size retail price:


  1. eco-beauty by La Fresh Group Good Night. Night Cream- $40
  2. BWC Premium Aromatherapy Facial Cleanser – $12
  3. Avène Soothing Moisture Mask – $26
  4. Nourish Organics Pure Hydrating Argan Face Serum – $20
  5. Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator – $34


  1. ECRU New York Acacia Protein BB Cream For Hair – $30
  2. Pureology Colour Fanatic Hair Treatment Spray – $20
  3. Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask – $26
  4. Style Sexy Hair 450° Blow Out Heat Defense Spray – $19
  5. eSalon Perfect Ending Leave-In Conditioner – $15


  1. Aroma Actives Essentials Repairing Body Lotion – $13
  2. Aveeno Sheer Hydration Daily Moisturizing Lotion – $7
  3. BWC Premium Botanical Fragrance-Free Lotion – $12
  4. Juara Coconut Illipe Hand & Nail Balm – $20
  5. Eucerin Original Healing Soothing Repair Lotion – $11
  6. Mary Kay SatinHands Peach Hand Cream – $10

So there you go! These are all the products I will be trying to use up. Samples are fun to try out, but unless you really commit to using them, they just end up taking up space. Not anymore in this house – I know my husband will be happy 😉

Are you doing anything to downsize your clutter this year?

Ta ta for now!

The Ginger Wife ❤


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