Love With Food – March 2016

Hello friends!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! If you’re not wearing green, here’s your virtual *pinch*.

Super fast, funny story time. Yesterday, I had just gotten home from work and was dying for a snack to hold me over until dinnertime. I get off work at 2:30 in the afternoon, so my meal schedule is completely thrown off. I’ve been trying to diet eat healthy, but green pepper strips just didn’t sound appetizing. Then it dawned on me…it’s mid-month and my Love With Food box should be here! I grabbed my mail key and walked down the block to our mailbox, and lo and behold, there was that red cardboard box. Sooo the point I’m trying to get to is that the pictures below were taken the second I got back to the house, and immediately after I snapped the picture, I dug in…

March LWF

This is one of the first LWF reviews I’ve posted after trying some of the snacks! I’ll share what I thought of the ones I’ve already sampled. I will say, before I let you know what was in this month’s box, that I was a little disappointed with some of the snacks LWF sent, but this is also the first month that’s ever happened, so it’s all good Love With Food. I still love you.

This month’s theme was ‘Love Is Real’. Here’s what was in my March 2016 Love With Food box:


  1. StoneFire Flatbreads Original Naan Crisps – This was the snack I grabbed right when I opened the box up, and YES. So good, and just the perfect amount of salt.
  2. Olympos Pitted Greek Olive Mix – I will not be touching these, and neither will my husband. I love black olives, but green olives? No thanks.
  3. Dolcetto Lemon Wafer Bites – Split these little nuggets of heaven with my husband, and they’re perfection. I’ve had a different flavor of these in a past box, and I’m not mad about it.
  4. Nature’s Bakery Strawberry Fig Bar – I don’t think I ever tried those fig newtons when I was a kid, and that’s basically what this was, but it was delicious. Had it as my after-work snack today!
  5.  Brown & Haley Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee with Almonds – This was also perfect. I don’t know what else to say about it, except that I wish there had been more than one in the box.
  6. Horizon Organic Fruit Snacks – So am I right that this is from that same company that sells their chocolate milk at Starbucks? I’m pretty sure that’s why I recognize the packaging. A win. You don’t have to be 8 to enjoy a good fruit snack, and these were shaped like tiny cows. Double win.
  7. Bacon’s Heir Rosemary & Sea Salt Pork Clouds – Never will you ever catch me munching on a pork skin snack. No desire. I’ll take them to work and see if anyone there is brave (?) enough.
  8. Salty Road Peppermint Salt Water Taffy – I popped one of these in my mouth this afternoon, and didn’t realize they were peppermint so that flavor took me by surprise, but these aren’t bad. I just prefer my salt water taffy fruity…and purchased from the Iowa State Fair.

There you have it! Not my favorite pack of snacks, but I’m not considering canceling this subscription box anytime soon 🙂

Ta ta for now!

The Ginger Wife ❤


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