ipsy – March 2016

Hello friends!

So if you’ve been following along lately, I recently made the decision to cancel one of my subscription beauty services, and went with cutting Birchbox. My March box was the last one, and I’ve been anxiously waiting to get this month’s ipsy to see if I made the right choice. Now both of these services are hit-and-miss, so even if this month’s ipsy is a dud, it doesn’t mean I didn’t choose the better of the two! I’ve decided I’m just going to see how the next few months go, and I can always cancel ipsy and go back to BB. Let’s see how ipsy did this month…

image1 (44)

I thought it was interesting that there were actually three different versions of the design for March’s bag. I like the one I received, and it’s a nice size!

Here’s what I received in my March 2016 ipsy bag:


  1. Beau Gâchis Paris Eye Shadow Brush – I really like receiving makeup brushes, because they’re something I’m not a fan of going out and spending my money on for some reason. This one isn’t as dense and fluffy as I like eyeshadow brushes, but could be nice when I just want a touch of a shimmer or metallic shadow.
  2. NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Pink Lust – Riiighhhtt…This is so not my shade *insert hysterically laughing emoji here* Love NYX, but not this NYX.
  3. Vera Mona Lotus Eye Shadow Clover – I actually thought this was a blush at first, and was disappointed since that would be two blushes in one bag, but it’s actually a pretty color for a shadow. Nice pigmentation, and I’ve never heard of this line before. Will be a good no-makeup kind of makeup.
  4. Marc Anthony Nourishing 3 Day Smooth Perfect Blow Dry Cream – This is a huge sample compared to what ipsy usually sends, and I’ll definitely give this one a try. I’ve been throwing my hair up wet after my showers lately, because I get ready at 4:00 in the morning for work, but occasionally I do still put in a little effort…
  5. Pixi by Petra Beauty Blush Duo Rose Gold – Pretty blush and highlight! I’m not a fan of duos simply because it means having to be more exact with my brush…ain’t nobody got time for that nonsense. But thumbs up on this one.

Overall, I’m giving ipsy a ‘B’ this month. The lip cream is really what drags the grade down simply because it could have been a major win if only it wasn’t such a crazy shade (by my standards). So we’ll see how ipsy does over the next couple months, but if things stay like this month, I’ll be going back to Birchbox. Or maybe I’ll cancel both, and switch to a different service all together! We shall see!

Ta ta for now!

The Ginger Wife ❤


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